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The Call Of Home: Book Review Small Country

My summer has been filled with some amazing literary products and books from  Liberty box. My genuine desire of being able to encourage reading and engagement of literature beyond  the normative  narratives we are always exposed to has certainly been fulfilled through this subscription box.  Over the months I have been able to fully immerse myself in books that  have critiqued and shared knowledge of different aspects of cultural experiences, history and African identities. The importance of this has been  shared in previous posts I have written in this  review series, however, it is important to note that with  charisma campaigns committed to supporting the promotion of culture and advocacy this  subscription box has proved to be empowering through the contents and  stories have touched on various  vital themes.

The most box with the theme “The Call Of Home” includes

  • A Small Country By Gael Faye
  • African Print Zip Pouch
  • York Coffee
  • Thank You Card from Noir
  • Quote Pencil (Liberty Box)

The theme of home is something that we all can relate with as it is an innate part of  our identities and the experiences what has made us. Not only does the box contents represent and link to Rawanda, but the book included in the box  tells of a moving story of home.

The current book featured in the “Call of home” box is titled  “Small country” a touching read by Gael Faye. Narrated from the perspective of Gabby a son of French father and Tutsi mother,  whose coming of age and life of normality and comfort of playing with his friends and riding his bike gradually turns in to conflict. Set in the mid 1990’s during the Rwanda genocide. The book highlights the devastating impact that war has in tearing apart  families , communities and  countries.

This box is definitely worth the experience for just £29.99 and with discount code Tina15 you will be able to get 15% discount of the subscription box which for its offering and content is a treat for everyone. Visit Liberty Box


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