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CC Made in Ghana Wellness Program

Charisma Campaign sucessfully led a wellness program in Ghana bringing wellness at the forefront of conversation Through the workshop we were able to enagage people on practical ways to live more sustainable lives.

“It’s very important to create a safe space where individuals can just “ be” having an environment where they are accepted and feel welcomed , given the permission and tools to flourish and take up space in the world around them. Living in societies were African women especially are told shrink themselves “better off being seen and not heard” there are battles of ample intersectional forms of discrimination both in their local communities and the world around them . Platforms such as this therefore work to foster diversity, learning, but primarily encourages women to be unapologetic. Having more of these workshops in Ghana and across Africa are important as we need to continue shifting cultural perspectives that work to silence both the creativity and struggles of women leaving them feeling intimidated and vulnerable “-Tina Charisma