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She Would Be King : Legacy Box Review

My first review of the new year  marks a similar  entertaining historical fusion as one of my very first  book features “Homegoing”.  I must have taken a very keen likening to historical fiction because I absolutely enjoyed the book feature  in  the our liberty legacy themed box. I found  the contents included to be a great way of presenting African products .

The  box is being sold for £29.99 featuring  a number of goodies such as :

  • She Would Be King Hardcover book.
  • Bantu Queen Enamel Pin from Dorcas Creates
  • Mama Africa iron-on patch from Create by Lani
  • Happy Soul Sticker Set by Nubian Rock Chick
  • Instant Ginger Herbal Tea from Dalgety

The book  feature “She Would be King” is written by Wayetu Moore is going up on my book recommendation list. Without doing a spoiler and encouraging everyone to read the novel for themselves. I would summarise the novel as simply a great blend of history, adventure and fantasy. The story brings together the fate of three supernaturally gifted characters who long for freedom from persecution and the struggles that their social contexts has placed them in. A compelling story of Liberia’s formation told through fictional superstition. Gbessa one of the characters is born on a day proclaimed as cursed and she earns the label of being a witch by her village. Gbessa on top of this is endowed with the curse of never dying. Along with other characters such as  Norman Argon who has the gift of invisibility, and June Dey who is born into slavery all come together by fate ,united in West Africa and set to use their gifts to demonstrate the true substance and purpose of freedom . This book is no doubt a thrilling read and I am truly thankful for it featuring in this box.

The Bantu Queen Enamel Pin was my favourite product from the contents included. I loved it, and used it as a styling finish for one of my outfits. I look forward to creating other style pieces with the pin.

Final products included in the box were the happy soul sticker,instant ginger herbal and Mama Africa iron on patch that I equally engaged with and found to be a great empowerment tools of African heritage.The box on a whole was particularly lovable. I am big on exploring knowledge in an accessible ways therefore the creativity fun, and engagement that the box provided me with was awesome! Learning so much history through fictional story telling; wearing a Bantu queen pin that has represented unity to so many people; sitting down to enjoy soothing herbal tea blend of natural ingredients and enjoying empowering art in the form of the iron on sticker and Happy soul sticker are all fun ways of being educated. Everyone can learn something from this box as I felt like a I gained a lot from the box.

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