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CC: Sustainablity and Wellbeing Event : Summer Regenerate

We hosted the second event of our empowerment series! 

Charisma Campaign workshop event moved on from our first empowerment workshop, where we practiced claiming our identities and affirming ourselves in the culturally idealistic society that we live in, to this regenerate event where we dug deeper learning to change our lifestyle in order to lead better and more sustainable lives. Hosted and Led by Charisma Campaign founder Tina Charisma, the various discussion panels and workshops addressed issues revolving around mental health and organic beauty, as well as how to best nourish and replenish our bodies & minds.

Self-care does not mean procrastinating; it does not mean running away from your responsibilities. Self-care is all about relaxing to enhance productivity and prioritizing replenishment. Not only does it reduce the chances of burnout and fatigue, it also takes you on that journey towards self-discovery and self-love.