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Welcome to my website! I’m Tina Antwi, also known as “Tina Charisma,” the founder of Charisma Campaign. I am a Global Consultant, Storyteller, Strategist, and Moderator with a passion for using my skills and expertise to help others share their stories and ideas with the world. I hold a Master’s in International Development and Education from UCL and a Bachelor’s in International Relations and Sociology. I have given a TEDx talk and contributed to notable publications such as Harper’s Bazaar, Time Out MagazineGlobal Citizen, Elle Magazine, Vulture, Business Insider, Independent, and CNN, among others. As a culture innovator, I leverage data, research, and interviews to craft compelling, human-centered messages and ideas that amplify newsworthy narratives and thought leadership for global audiences.


My career has spanned cross-continentally, working in fields such as international development, tech, communications, and journalism. As a result, I bring on board cross-cultural and innovative ideas that cross borders. I am dedicated to igniting meaningful dialogue and driving progress as a speaker, consultant, and storyteller. 


I lecture and speak at international events and organize campaigns. I have led corporate training programs and conferences for Fortune 100 companies, supporting their communications, diversity, culture, team-building, and empowerment. To check availability, email me:


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