"Beauty has a lot to do with what is on the inside"

Tina Charisma


About Tina

Welcome to my website! I’m Tina Antwi, also known as “Tina Charisma.” I’m a writer, producer, and consultant with a passion for using my skills and expertise to help others share their stories and ideas with the world.

I have a Master’s in International Development and Education from UCL and a Bachelor’s in International Relations and Sociology, and have given a TEDx talk and contributed to notable publications like Harper’s Bazaar, Delicious Magazine, Global Citizen, Elle Magazine, Vulture, Business Insider, Teen Vogue, Independent, and CNN, among others. As a culture innovator, I use data, research, and interviews to craft compelling, human-centered messages and ideas that amplify newsworthy narratives and thought leadership for global audiences.

My early years living between Accra, Ghana and London, UK were an enriching experience that laid the foundation for my career in fields including international development, tech, communications, and journalism. I am dedicated to igniting meaningful dialogue and driving progress as a speaker, writer, and lecturer. Thank you for visiting my website. I hope the information and ideas you find here inspire and empower you.


I lecture and speak at international events and organize campaigns. I have led corporate training programs and conferences for Fortune 100 companies, supporting their communications, diversity, culture, team-building, and empowerment. To check availability, email me: verostina@hotmail.com

Charisma Campaign

The #GOECOPERIOD campaign provides sustainable period products to disadvantaged communities and runs an academy for changemakers to learn about advocacy, sustainability, and empowerment through interactive workshops.

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