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Women Being International Conference

October 11th  has been marked International girl day by the UN since 2012. Another significant day this week was world mental health day which was on the 10th of October. Two very essential international days that raised awareness and highlighted issues very close to my heart. I joined women who travelled from all around the UK and different countries  to be present for the Women Being Conference an International disciplinary conference which focused on issues around gender and the status of women. One thing that certainly stood out  was how women from across the world till this day face  considerable levels of obstacles  which prevent them from gaining equal rights .It did not matter whether we were discussing women in China, Cambodia, Mexico, Tanzania, India… or any other country  challenges  still persisted for women.



My key note talk titled “Equally Flawless: The Beauty of Diversity and equal representation of women in the Fashion, Media, and Creative Industry” which was aimed at empowering the women that were present at the conference but also highlighting the fundamental truth of the beauty that exists in diversity, and the importance of it’s representation in our fashion, media and cultural industries. The global significance of the day for girls around the world helped me to also remember how  important the work that we are all doing is to ensures that girls in our generation and in generations to come don’t have to fight the battle that we are fighting today.For more info visit women being website here 

Short clip of a poem I read while giving my key note talk is  available below